Frances Haugen, Facebook whistleblower, says company spreads hate speech for profit

Frances Haugen, Fb whistleblower, says firm spreads hate speech for revenue

The whistleblower behind a significant leak of inner paperwork at Fb says the social media big has all the time prioritised its personal earnings over the general public good.

Frances Haugen, a knowledge scientist and a former product supervisor on Fb’s civic misinformation workforce, revealed herself in a 60 Minutes interview on Sunday as the lady who anonymously leaked paperwork of the corporate’s analysis to The Wall Road Journal and the US Congress.

Ms Haugen mentioned the leaks confirmed how Fb magnifies hate and misinformation by prioritising earnings.

“The factor I noticed at Fb again and again was there have been conflicts of curiosity between what was good for the general public and what was good for Fb,” Ms Haugen instructed host Scott Pelley.

“And Fb, again and again, selected to optimise for its personal pursuits, like making extra money,” she added.

Ms Haugen mentioned whereas she had labored at numerous corporations, together with Google and Pinterest, “it was considerably worse at Fb” due to the social media big’s want to place its earnings over the welfare of its customers.

Fb’s most important downside was a change the corporate made in 2018 to its algorithms, which resolve what customers see on the platform’s information feed, in accordance with the info scientist and whistleblower.

“You would possibly see solely 100 items of content material for those who sit and scroll on for, you already know, 5 minutes,” Ms Haugen mentioned, including that Fb’s algorithms select these items from hundreds of choices it may present customers.

She mentioned the algorithms are optimised for content material that will get engagement – or reactions – from customers.

“However its personal analysis is exhibiting that content material that’s hateful, that’s divisive, that’s polarising, it’s simpler to encourage individuals to anger than it’s to different feelings,” Ms Haugen mentioned.

If the corporate modified its algorithm to be on the protected aspect, nonetheless, individuals would are likely to spend much less time on the platform, clicking fewer adverts and bringing it lesser cash, she mentioned.

“Fb makes extra money once you devour extra content material. Folks get pleasure from partaking with issues that elicit an emotional response. And the extra anger that they get uncovered to, the extra they work together and the extra they devour,” the info scientist mentioned.

“Fb, again and again, has proven it chooses revenue over security. It’s subsidising, it’s paying for its earnings with our security,” Ms Haugen mentioned, including that the corporate understood these risks throughout the 2020 US elections.

The corporate turned on security techniques briefly throughout the election interval to cut back misinformation however “as quickly because the election was over, they turned them again off or they modified the settings again to what they have been earlier than, to prioritise development over security,” she alleged.

The social media big mentioned a few of the security techniques remained, however after the election, some used Fb to organise the 6 January US Capitol riots.

Fb’s vp of world affairs Nick Clegg despatched an inner memo on Friday responding to criticism in opposition to the corporate and likewise appeared on CNN on Sunday to make lots of the similar arguments.

“We perceive the piece is more likely to assert that we contribute to polarisation in the US, and recommend that the extraordinary steps we took for the 2020 elections have been relaxed too quickly and contributed to the horrific of occasions of 6 January within the Capitol,” the memo reportedly mentioned.

“However what proof there’s merely doesn’t assist the concept that Fb, or social media extra typically, is the first explanation for polarisation,” it added.

“I feel the assertion that January sixth may be defined due to social media, I simply assume that’s ludicrous,” Mr Clegg instructed CNN.

The Unbiased has reached out to Fb for remark.

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